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You feel it coming on… tunnel vision, sweating, heart racing, and feeling like you are unable to breathe. You need to get away from where you are at that moment, to somewhere different, to do something different, but you are stuck – at work, school, with people, trying to pretend that nothing is happening.  Finally, it all starts to calm down. Your heart rate returns to normal, you stop sweating, and then the exhaustion sets in. If only you could stop and rest; if only you could close your eyes for a while.

Walking in to a new place, with new people, feeling like you want to blend into the wall, to not be noticed. If only you did not have to do the speaking engagement, lead the meeting, interview for the job, be at the party, talk to people. It would be so much easier to stay home, not put yourself out there.

Anxiety is real, and affects you in a different way than it might other people. There is help to overcome anxiety, you can have a better life and learn how to face it head on.


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