Marriage Counseling

“You are so frustrating, I can’t stand being around you, you never listen!”
“I feel that we need to stay together for the kids; I do not want to disrupt their lives.” 
“We are just roommates, we are just going through the motions. We don’t know how to communicate anymore.”
Have you said or thought any of these things?

Consider these questions if you’re wondering if your relationship would benefit from counseling:

Is there any communication?

Communication is important in any relationship, if you are unable to talk to your partner, where do you get your emotional support?

Is the communication negative?

If you and your partner are only communicating on a negative level, what impact does that have on your daily life? Does your partner criticize, blame or shame you?

Are you afraid to communicate?

Do you have topics that you avoid because it would likely cause an argument? Do you know what your issues are? Therapy can help couples understand the issues that impact their relationship and develop communication skills.

Has there been infidelity?

Have you or your spouse had an affair? This can be difficult to overcome, but it is possible. Understanding the issues that led to the affair is vital.

Is there sexual intimacy?

When couples have issues, sexual activity tends to vanish. Working on solutions to the issues will help couples want to be intimate again.

Does your relationship leave you feeling abandoned, betrayed or like you do not matter? Do you feel unheard?

Couples counseling can help teach conflict resolution, which will increase communication. Through counseling, couples will learn how to voice their emotional needs in a healthy manner. In therapy, couples learn how to express their feelings in a productive way that will enable healing of unresolved problems.

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