Do you want to attend therapy, but your partner refuses?
Do you want to attend therapy, but your partner refuses?

There could be many reasons that an individual does not want to attend therapy, understanding this is key. Try calmly talking with your spouse or partner regarding their refusal to speak with an unbiased professional. It may be helpful to explain your reasoning for wanting to seek out therapy. Helping your partner understand what is leading you to think about therapy may not change their mind, but will help them have a better understanding.

Counseling does not have to include both parties in order to be successful. Coming to therapy will provide you an outlet and someone to listen to your concerns. With therapy, you can learn skills to help your relationship, improve communication and repair the hurt feelings.

Working on yourself to change unhealthy behaviors along with changing how you react to your spouse can be a big step in improving your marriage. This can also lead to your spouse wanting to attend therapy down the road.

Marriage is not always equal, and one partner may be willing to work harder at certain times. Attending therapy can help a relationship by giving an individual the tools to understand where their partner may be coming from. A therapist can provide insight into ways to respond in heated situations, and provide better ways to communicate.

Therapy can help the individual attending therapy to learn how to deescalate an argument, to not engage when your partner wants to continue to argue, and how to effectively communicate instead of yelling and putting each other down. Counseling can help in so many ways, even if your partner refuses to join. There are tools that can help change your relationship because you learn how to change yourself. Learning about your attachment style, triggers that cause regression and how your childhood plays a role can help improve your relationship.

Counseling can help you understand why you get so frustrated with your spouse and why you react the way you do. You cannot change your partner, but you can change how their behavior affects you.

If you’re partner will not attend therapy, go by yourself. Do it for yourself, your relationship and your peace of mind. You are not alone, you can help improve your relationship and develop healthy skills to last a lifetime.

I can help you process and work through challenges you are facing even without your spouse or partner attending. Call me today at (972) 468-1663 for a free phone consultation or click below to schedule an appointment online.

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